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Baixar Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight – Macklemore ft. Eric Nally MP3

Baixar Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight - Macklemore ft. Eric Nally MP3

Baixar Musica Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight MP3 do Cantor Macklemore o single tem participação especial de Eric Nally. O Vídeo Oficial do Single junto com o clip foi lançado no Youtube Lançado hoje dia 21 de setembro de 2017. Faça o Download através de Links Diretos, e outros demais servidores.

Download Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight – Macklemore ft. Eric Nally MP3 (Lançamento 2017) Grátis para Download em MP3 Link Direto

Informações do Musica:
Artista: Macklemore / Eric Nally
Musica: Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight
Gênero: Pop
Lançamento: 2017
Informações do Arquivo:
Tamanho: 6 MB
Formato: MP3
Qualidade: 320 Kbps

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Vídeo Clip e Letra Da Musica:Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight

Clipe da Música Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight – Macklemore ft. Eric Nally – Ouvir Musica

[Chorus: Eric Nally]
I ain’t gonna die tonight
You can’t kill me, not my spirit (No!)
History is ours tonight
The people are chantin’, can’t you hear it?

[Verse 1: Macklemore]
Open up the doors on ‘em, we playin’ tonight
Bring on the marchin’ band and turn on the stadium lights
They gon’ learn from me, this is our church to be
Life of a champion, ugh, so Freddie Mercury
Sneakin’ into Hov concerts in nosebleeds
The Hov bein’ like “whoa”
Yeah, independent, keep killin’ these people and don’t sleep
Even the pigeon-toed still standin’ on both feet, you know
It’s obvious whose night this is
Grandparents immigrants, couple Irish kids
Victory in my grasp, gotta fight for this
The streets are ours this evening, goin’ undefeated
I roll the dice against the staircase, uh huh
Steak season gotta marinate, uh huh
If I happen to die tonight, put my spirit in the stars
Bury me in the grave and carve “The history was ours”
Said I—

Updated: 22 de setembro de 2017 — 23:42

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